C'mere desktop and mobile mockups

The Goal

C'Mere is an up and coming artist on the New York City music scene. With a new wave sound and lyrical drive, she was looking for a web presence that could match her audible impact. The site needed to combine an intricate music video player that played a specific video dependent on a user's input while also being very easy to maintain.

The Site

I decided to build the site on the Keystone.js platform. A new node.js based CMS that is endlessly extensible while maintaining a clean and succinct admin user experience. Vue.js was utilized to develop a unique music video player component and the rest of the site was integrated with Bandpage.com so that content could simply be updated in one place and then updates would be reflected site-wide.

The Tools

  • Keystone.js
  • Vue.js
  • Bootstrap
  • Gulp + SASS
  • Bandpage API
  • Cloudinary API